Play Starcraft 2 on LAN using StarFriend

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What is StarFriend?
StarFriend allows you to use SC2 in LAN without needing a connection to the BN servers. It's free and already approved by thousands of players worldwide.
Why use StarFriend?
Lack of LAN play caused problems in 2010 Major League Gaming tournament in Dallas, Texas, which experienced severe delays and problems with BN 2.0. Another major BN 2.0 failure occurred during Blizz's own GSL World Championship Team League tournament in March 2011 when one player was dropped from the game resulting in a do-over. And in April 2011 the Major League Gaming tournament in Dallas experienced ?chronic lag issues? (that) have plagued BN all day, making many games difficult to play and nearly unbearable to watch. ~Wikipedia

Download the latest official release of StarFriend :
Download StarFriend 1.31 Here
Download an installer of StarFriend by vivivor v1.31 Here
Download the unique StarFriend Cache for ever Here
Setting up StarFriend from scratch (Official Tutorial) Here


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